Scribo PW310

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Digital ink and ballpoint pen, compatible with many Huion tablets and displays.

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Huion Scribo PW310

The Huion Scribo PW310 is a digital pen that can draw on the paper and synchronize your painting to the computer at the same time.*

* Compatible Huion pen tablet or display must be used. A sheet of paper must be placed on pen tablet or display surface before drawing or writing with gel ink or ballpoint. Ballpoint and gel ink refills must not be used directly on tablet or display surface.

3 Different Refills

Designed for daily usage, Huion Scribo is compatible with gel ink and ballpoint refills to adapt different writing scenarios. Yo can also insert the plastic nib to make the Huion Scribo a 8192 level battery free pen on graphics tablet for basic drawing and design.

Gel Ink RefillBallpoint RefillPlastic Pen Nib
Ink ColorBlackBlack
Refill Lenght67 mm67 mm67 mm
Pen Nib Size0.8 mm0.8 mm
Writing lines distance300 m500 m

Gel Ink and Ballpoint Refill Drawing Experience

Huion Scribo ink and ballpoint refills have quick drying ink to prevent ink smearing and leaking. The special designed nib enables ink flowing evenly to draw consistent line and it brings natural drawing and writing experience

Plastic Nib

The Huion Scribo is equipped with a plastic pen nib, which provides 8192 pen pressure levels sensitivity, better stability and makes your tablet even more versatile.

Strong Compatibility

The popular Huiion pen tablets and displays are supported. Huion Scribo is a perfect accessory for note taking an sketching

Compatible with:

  • Inspiroy H640P, H950P, H1060P, H1161,  WH1409 V2, Q11K V2
  • Inspiroy Ink H320M,
  • Inspiroy Dial Q620M
  • HS64, HS610, HS611,
  • H1060PRO V2,
  • Kamvas Pro 22 & 22(2019)

In the package:

  • Huion Scribo PW310 with built in ballpoint refill
  • Huion Scribo gel ink refill 1x
  • Huion Scribo pen nib 1x
  • Quick start guide