PEN68D Battery Pen

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Battery Pen for Pen display with 2048/8192 pressure levels of pen pressure manufactured after January 1st, 2017. Please contact us before ordering.

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NOTE: PEN68D is a replacement of PC332 and PE330.

HUION PEN68D Battery Pen

A powerful, yet easy-to-use combination of Huion special digital pen lets you draw and write naturally and comfortably as you would on real paper. It’s buttons can be programmed for specific functions such as a right-click or left-click just like a wireless mouse,and You can also scroll documents and Web pages by pressing the middle button of the digital pen over the tablet working area, so it fits for both right and left hand users.

Suitable for pen display:

  • GT-190/GT-190S, GT-185, GT-220, GT-220 V2 (2048) manufactured after January 1st, 2017.
  • GT-156HD, GT-156HD V2, GT-191, GT-220 V2 (8192), GT-221 PRO

If you do not know if the pen is suitable for your pen display, please contact Huion worldwide support to email Please provide the correct series number of the unit (on the back of the unit). And it would be perfect if you send us a photo to show your pen.

Battery type: AAA

In package:

  • Huion PEN68D Battery Pen without any accessories
    battery not included