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A5 size smart notebook to digitalize your handwriting. Write and sketch naturally with pen on any paper, store handwriting notes to your phone or tablet, edit and share

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Huion Note X10 smart notebook

Digital notebook on real paper – your unique digital recorder

Huion Note redefines what a new generation notebook can do. It brings writing and sketching on real paper with off-line digital storage and synchronization to phone or tablet. It empowers you with document editing, management and sharing documents.

Huion Note - your unique recorder

A5 notebook and 2nd gen Huion Scribo pen

Real pen on any paper

Huion Note X10 is a standard A5 size smart notebook. It comes with 50 pages real paper Huion notepad[1] and Huion Scribo 2 digital ballpoint pen. Notepaper could be replaced with a new Huion notepad or any other A5 size notepad as long as its thickness is less than 10mm.  The Scribo 2[2] pen comes with ballpoint refills for writing on any paper and plastic nibs for pen tablet mode usage. The Scribo 2 pen is based on PenTech 3.0 technology and provides stable stroke and curve performance. The cover is made from durable spunlace PU leather material, perfect for protecting your original writing and sketching.

Note X10 - Real paper, real pen

Digitalize your notes, sketches, inspiration

Transferring hand written notes and sketches to Huion Note App[3] is easy. Huion Note App has various editing tools e.g. highlighter, eraser, lasso tool… Huion Note App also supports voice recording, replaying and sharing voice so that you can catch the point easily. Documents can be shared anytime in PDF format.

Note X10 - digitalize your Inspiration

All-day lasting battery and stable Bluetooth 5.0 transmission

Huion Note is automatically paired with Huion Note App on your device when opening the notebook and disconnected when the notebook is closed. 18 hours of battery life ensures all-day work without recharging. A5 size is portable and your Huion Note can be always with you. A magnetic pen sleeve can be attached to the cover and prevents you from loosing the pen.

All-day lasting battery and stable transmission

Sketch, sync, edit and share

Off-line storage and vector ink

Huion Note supports up to 50 pages offline storage and enables you to write inspiration immediately and sync with your phone or tablet after. Writing and sketching on Huion Note are recorded in vector format therefore all lines and shapes are clear even when zooming several times on your phone.

Sketch, sync and rework

More than a smart digital notebook – pen tablet mode

Huion Note also provides a pen tablet mode for artists. Take out the inner pages, paste the panel included in the box on the notebook, fold it up and you have a pen tablet with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity and ±60° tilt function to help you with your creations. Do not forget to replace pen refill with the plastic nib for pen tablet mode, which is also include in the box .

Note - pen tablet mode


  1. Huion Note comes with standard A5 size Huion notepad. Any regular A5 notepad with thickness up to 10mm could be used. We recommend the official Huion notepad replacement, specially  in case of any working area issues.
  2. Huion Note comes with 4 ballpoint pen refills and 2 plastic pen nibs. Replacement pen refills and plastic pen nibs can be  purchased in our store.
  3. Huion Note APP is a free note-taking application from Huion. You can download it via Google Play and Apple App Store.


Note taking mode: iOS, iPadOS, Android
Pen tablet mode: Windows, macOS, Ubuntu Linux

In the box

  • Huion Note X10 smart notebook
  • Tablet surface cover
  • Magnetic pen sleeve
  • Scribo 2 – PW320 battery-free pen
  • Nib clip
  • USB cable
  • Ballpoint nib x 4, plastic pen nib x 2
  • Notepad x1
  • Quick Start Guide


Active Area (Android Mode)


Press Keys

Function Button



Pen Pressure Levels


Tilt Recognition



5080 lpi

Reading Height

10 mm [0.4"]


Bluetooth 5.0, USB

Wireless Communication Distance

10m max

Power Consumption

0.3 W

Battery Charging Time

5V 0.5A: ~4h

Battery Operation Time



241x178x3 mm

Net Weight

433 g




2 years

OS Support

Android 6.0 or later (Bluetooth), ChromeOS 88 or later (wired), macOS 10.12 or later (wired), Windows 10/11 64bit, Windows 7/8/8.1 (wired)

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