HS64 Special Edition Graphics Pen Tablet

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Chips & Co x Huion – Drawing for Fun! Active area 16×10 cm / 6.3×4 in (PC/MAC) or 10×6.3 cm (Android),  battery-free pen, 8192 pen pressure levels, 4 customization keys.

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Drawing for Fun.CHIPS & Co x HUION

HUION HS64 Special Edition

HUION HS64 Special Edition

Chips on HS64 SE
Hey, this is Chips. Although I look like a banana, I’m a real duckling. So don’t call me banana or I will go bananas.
Chips & Huion Buddy
Here is a gift from my friend Huion Buddy . Ah, it is a stylish pen tablet with my photo on it!
HS64 SE supports Android
It is amazing that apart from Windows and mac OS, it also supports Android, which makes it convenient to draw outdoors, since I can use it with my Android phone.
HS64 SE 266 PPS report rate
No matter how fast I run, 266PPS report rate enables lines input to follow tight at my heels, without compromising of accuracy and consistency.
HS64 SE 8192 pressure sensitivity levels
Wow, I can express myself freely with the stylus that boasts 8192 pressure sensitivity levels, which ensures lines input to be rendered as different shapes as pressure applied to the pen changes.
HS64 SE programmable keys
Look at the top of the panel, four programmable press keys here must be helpful to make my day more productive. That’s so cool!
HS64 SE Professional & talented
Professional & talented
Every great artist needs a professional pen. I need PW100,

a battery-free digital pen
that brings my works to another level.

In the box

  • Huion HS64 SE graphics tablet
  • Battery Free Pen PW100
  • 8 replacement pen nibs with pen clip
  • Micro USB cable
  • OTG Adapters (Micro USB & USB-C)
  • Quick Start Guide



Battery-Free Electromagnetic Resonance

Active Area

160×102mm / 6.3×4 in (PC or MAC), 102×63,8 mm (Android)

Pen Pressure Levels



5080 lpi

Report Rate

266 rps

Reading Height

10 mm [0.4"]

Press Keys





200 x 166 x 8mm

Net Weight





Black & Yellow

OS Support

Android 6.0 or later, USB port, Win 10/Windows 8/Windows 7/Mac OS 10.12 or later


2 years

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